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Finally its Live!. This is a very special day for me. I managed to launch my site live. I've been thinking about this since last year and wasn't able to get a chance to complete it.

I've tried doing it from ground up, but ended up not finishing it. I got bored and eventually lost the interest in using the stack that I used back then.

Now I did use Gatsby with Stackbit since I am becoming more and more lazy lately :) and I think I've made the right choice. I didn't want to do the traditional way either using Wordpress and also I wanted to try Javascript and React which Gatsby is built from.


I've been into web development since 2014 but I started not knowing a lot, I barely knew CSS I didn't even know how to use jQuery that much. (up to now I barely knew CSS, I hate CSS specially if not using any frameworks, lol)

After some time, I started focusing on PHP in the backend and ended up doing some Wordpress projects with a bit of frontend work in Magento 1.* Then after a year and a half I later switched to using Laravel, which I enjoyed as well as using Vue JS.

At work I use PHP / Javascript, and during my free time I usually play around with Ruby which I think is a very nice language.


Aside from some side projects, my goal this year is to blog the things that I learn in my web development journey, as I believe that writing the things you have learned will give me a deeper understanding on the topic. But basically I'll blog things about PHP / Laravel some Javascript and Ruby.

Also I'd like to share the things that I learned from the community. Hopefully things will go well.

Thank you for spending your time in reading this post. :)