It started out when my girlfriend (now wife) Jamie told me that I should try the IT course as it will give me a better future work, during that time I was a call center agent which is a very stressful job in my opinion. I went to school in the afternoon after working in the morning starting at 3am. It was very tiring but fun. I decided to focus on some CSS and HTML. Luckily after I graduate I landed a job which a friend of mine helped me.

Back then I still barely knew HTML and CSS but I keep on practicing, and wasn't really enjoying the work as I felt that I am not improving my skills, we are using Adobe Business Catalyst. (Who the hell uses that, lol). I decided to quit and pursue working from home. I love working from home.

It gives me a lot of freedom, while working and staying with your love ones. I later switched to backend and now use PHP and Laravel as my main tool, though I had some previous projects too in using front end frameworks such as Vue and Angular. And recently i've been coding in Ruby in my free time. I fell in love with Ruby :)

As mentioned above I'm specialized in PHP / Laravel and from time to time I work with some frontend stuffs with JS.